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Engagement & Governance Tools

Engagement & Governance Process Steps Artifacts Techniques #

Process Step Artifacts Techniques
1. Come up with Project
Project Creation Prerequisites
  • Business Vision & Mission
  • Resources-Goal Axis
  • Business Drivers Map
2. Choose and Scale Ideation Process for the Project
Project Implementation Plan
  • Product Ideation Techniques Review
  • Project Scope Management Tools Review
  • Project Requirement Management Tools Review
3. Choose and Scale Strategic and Marketing Research Tools for the Project
Strategic & Marketing Analysis Scope of Work
  • Product & Project Vision
  • Product & Project Road Map
  • Project Scope Statement
  • Project Assumptions & Alternatives
  • Research Types & Methods Review
4. Choose and Scale Financial Analysis Tools for the Project
Financial Analysis Scope of Work
  • Financial Analysis Methods Review
  • Estimation Techniques Review
  • Project Financial Indicators Review
5. Choose and Scale Development Approach for the Project
Development Approach Analysis
  • Project Lifecycles
  • Delivery Cadence
  • Development Approach Selecting Variables
6. Choose and Scale Scheduling Approach for the Project
Scheduling Approach Statement
  • Scheduling Tools
  • Scheduling Model
  • Scheduling Instances
  • Scheduling Presentations
7. Choose and Scale Executing Approach for the Project
Project Governance Charter
  • Governing bodies
  • Current governance policies and structures
  • Governance business needs and goals
  • Project management methodology
8. Choose and Scale Monitoring and Control Approach for the Project
Project Governance Management Plan
  • Project Progress Reports & Dashboards, Informational Radiators
  • Scope & Quality Control Process
  • Integrated Change Control Process, Change Control Board
9. Choose and Scale Delivering, Product Transition and Closing Approach for the Project
Delivering & Closing Approach Statement
  • Delivering, Transition & Closing Requirements
  • Definition of Done & Acceptance Criteria
  • Cost of Quality
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