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The Totality of Modern Project Management.

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Project Management Tool + Training & Reference. No more choice!

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Adaptive / Iterative (Agile), Predictive / Phased (Waterfall), Incremental, Hybrid.

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Wherever your project is now, you will find a way forward with us.

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The whole range of the most effective and actual project management tools.

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The full power of modern project management is always at your fingertips.
Think about "what" and earn. We'll take care of the "how"!
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TPM Framework is the number 1 choice to implement project.

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Thoroughness speaks for itself. Corporations, PMs, Students and Consultants.
  • Brad Moore

    The guys helped to easily master the basic tools for forming the concept of the project, dealing with a strategic and tactical analysis and planning to manage business value in projects. They also...Read more

    Brad Moore

    Brad Moore, Redwood Materials (USA), Machine Shop Lead
  • Tom Young

    Only positive and bright impressions from the course on Project Management. Almost everyone was surprised. Teaching methodology, learned tools, feedback from the instructor. I was particularly...Read more

    Tom Young

    Tom Young, Calm (USA), VP, Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Annie Aldridge

    The course I took gave me a lot of answers and new questions that helped me figure it out. The presented working templates for project management make it possible to understand in practice what was...Read more

    Annie Aldridge

    Annie Aldridge, Klarna (Швеция),Chief of Staff
  • Edgar Walker

    I would like to thank the instructor Alexey Koshelev and his team for the high-quality preparation of the practical course, for the interesting material, bright presentation and practical skills that...Read more

    Edgar Walker

    Edgar Walker, Moderna (USA), Chief Business Analyst, Digital Analytical Development
  • Steve Davis

    An excellent resource where you can get all the knowledge in Project Management in one place. Got a clear understanding in: building an IT project management system and a Waterfall + Agile hybrid...Read more

    Steve Davis

    Steve Davis, DoorDash (USA), Chief of Staff
  • Jenny Brown

    I really want to share my emotions and express my gratitude to Alexey Koshelev and the TPM team for the ability to present such complex material in such a simple and accessible way. During the...Read more

    Jenny Brown

    Jenny Brown, Airbnb (USA), Planning, Senior Analyst

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